Caribbean Air Charter Service Kingston Jamaica
Serviced by Air Speed Jamaica.

Caribbean Air Charter is committed to provide the best in Kingston air charter Jamaica and air ambulance services out of Jamaica.

Direct Charter Flights from Kingston to Montego Bay
Direct Charter Flights from Montego Bay to Kingston Jamaica

Caribbean Air Charters - Jamaica FBO

Caribbean Air Charters is a multifaceted air charter and air ambulance service company. CAC is a local limited liability company registered in 1983 operating many aircraft providing fixed wing air charters and the EMED air ambulance services throughout the Caribbean, Central and South American region. Helicopter Charters, Offshore Services, and third party maintenance services of aircraft are also provided.

Our Caribbean Air Charter Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week:


Caribbean Air Charter has an unblemished safety track record. Our Pilots and Engineers are Jamaican Civil Aviation Authority rated and trained to International standards utilizing the most reputable facilities such as Flight Safety and Sim Com. Our Maintenance staff are all factory trained in both Airframe and Engine.

The company’s growth over the past years can be highlighted by the partnership with EMED Jamaica's medical network company, and is presently the largest aviation company in Jamaica. The company has been certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Jamaica.

Caribbean Air Charter and EMED air ambulance has embarked on an initiative to develop Jamaica's health tourism industry to medical destinations throughout the United States, Caribbean, Guyana, Venezuela, Central and parts of South America.

Both companies has established themselves as a market leader of charter and air medical services in the aviation industry. The company has developed an excellent relationship with our major customers and suppliers over the past 25 years that has yielded into a strong supply chain with our customers being guaranteed a consistent reliable and efficient quality of service.


The company operates out of its 3 office facilities near…

1) Donald Sangster International Airport
2) Norman Manley International Airport
3) Tinson Pen corporate airstrip Kingston,Jamaica